More Reports

Nearly every day we get progress reports from several customers. They tell us how they used the symbols and essences about their successes and experiences. 


Please note: Angel Symbols and Angel Essences are no substitute for doctors, drugs or medical treatments!

ANGELS & ANIMALS. A progress report from Harald Scheibenreif (FB): "I had about 50 quail eggs in the incubator. When the calculated hatching date approached, some chickens had pecked the egg shell, but none actually hatched (quails have a brood duration of 17 days). As there was still no chicken hatched at the end of the 17th day, I took the Angel Aura Essence ‘Archangel Uriel and sprayed all the eggs. Half an hour later you could clearly hear the chickens starting to peck at the egg shells! Two hours later ALL the chickens had hatched! Before, only about 50 % of the chickens hatched. Since I have been using Uriel, 80–90%, and once even 96 % hatched.”


ANGEL COMBI OIL AFTER SERIOUS ACCIDENT. A facebook friend writes: “Bianca had a bad car accident. Caused by the severe crash, tiny glass splinters were stuck in her face. A swelling of the brain kept her in artificial coma for several weeks. She has since recovered. During these hard times, she had her first contact with the Angel Essences and Oils. I recommended she apply the Angel Combi Oil no. 4 ‘Aniel’ on the scars on her face. Next morning, when she touched these spots, she was surprised. She could feel tiny glass splinters! This means the oil has helped her to remove foreign objects from her body. Unbelievable!

ANGEL SYMBOL CARDS with MIGRAINE. “Some time ago both my mother, and my boyfriend, were suffering from severe headaches in the evening. I asked them each to draw a card from the set of Angel Symbol cards 1–49, and wear it on their body. Lo and behold: they were both without pain within one hour. Two weeks ago, a friend of mine got to grips with her migraine with the help of a symbol card as well. Many thanks to our heavenly friends and your tools!" All the best, Karin Bierbaumer.

ANGELS AND EMERGENCIES. A progress report from Simone Mang (FB): “Last summer I was inline skating on the Donauinsel in Vienna. After 13 km I tilted and fell over, head down, on the asphalt. I had a 6 cm long gaping laceration, so nobody dared to touch me. The blood was running down over me. I was sitting on the floor, thinking ‘help yourself’. I took the Angel Combi Essence no. 1 and 2 out of my bag, put some drops in my mouth and on the wound, and made a pressure bandage. I asked the people watching me, to call the ambulance. I was surprised about my inner peace.

The doctor in the hospital diagnosed a brain concussion and predicted strong headaches for the next few days. I kept taking the Combi Essence no. 1. I hardly had any pain and the wound healed incredibly quickly. I thank the angels for their help!”

ANGELS AND ANIMALS. A progress report by Bettina Schrenk: "I would like to tell you about my experiences with Ingrid Auer’s Angel Symbols: about three months ago I got a puppy. After a week he constantly started to fall over. Although we went to the vet’s several time, his condition didn’t improve. One day, when I was holding him in my arms, praying he might not die, the Angel Symbols came to my mind. I immediately lay a protection circle and treated him with the essence ‘Physical Emergency’. The next morning he fell into a coma, but I knew, whatever was coming, was right. I trusted and prayed to the angels. Some hours later the vet rang to tell me, that my puppy had woken up!!! I could pick him up again. At that time, he only weighed about a pound and it was a ‘miracle’ that he survived. He recovered and is a very healthy dog now.“

ANGELS LOVE CHILDREN. A progress report by Andrea Wiedmann:

"Four weeks ago I gave the children’s Angel Symbol no. 08 Angel Obiel (topic: „Everything will be alright!“) to a friend and her son, who is one and a half years old. He is a nice and lively boy. The whole time I spent with them (about 40 minutes), the boy kept looking at the symbol. As the boy had problems to sleep through the night, I said to my friend, ‘Put the symbol in his bed. I am sure it will do him good.‘

I met her again today and she told me, beaming with joy, that her son has been sleeping through a whole night for the last three weeks.

She is convinced that the angel has done this.


ANGEL SYMBOLS AND DRUGS. A progress report by Daniel Meier:

"Yesterday I was at the dentist’s. I asked him to put the injection on the angel card ‘Angel for Purity and Clarity‘ for about two minutes, to cleanse the vaccine energetically. He did it, but wanted to know something about these cards and their effects. I could easily go through the one hour treatment without any problems or pains. This time the injection didn’t cause any negative side effects. Next time I need an injection again, I will have it energetically cleansed again." 


ANGEL SYMBOLS AND SLEEPWALKING. A progress report by Marianne Lechner (FB):

"My first contact with the Angel Symbols was already a successful one. It is about five years ago, when I got to know Ingrid Auer‘s Angel Symbols. The angels have chosen a wonderful place for this experience: my beloved Traunsee in Upper Austria. We used to visit friends there. One day I saw the book ‘Angel Symbols – keys to the angelic world‘ lying on the kitchen table. It immediately caught my eye. As, at the time, our daughter was walking in her sleep, I got in touch with the lady who my friends had the symbols from. She was abroad at this time, but promised me to take account of the problem. A few days later I got the symbols per mail with the advice to put five symbols under our daughter’s bed. This is what we did and from that time on she stopped sleepwalking and properly closed her eyes again during her sleep! Since then the angel symbols have been enhancing my life / our lives. I am so grateful that they have found me.“


ANGELS LOVE FLOWERS. A progress report by Elisabeth Krendl (FB):

Orchids: my daughter looks after our flowers, using all sorts of Angel-Aura-Essences („Energetic Cleansing“, „Archangel Michael“, „Archangel Uriel“ or whatever the flowers tell her). I additionally add the Angel Essence no. 05 „Angel for Power and Strength“ and no. 07 „Angel for Optimism and Beauty“ or the Angel-Transformation-Essence no. 04 for grounding and centring. And … my white orchids have been constantly blooming since December. Another orchid was completely „exhausted“ when I got it. I gave it the Angel-Combi-Essence no. 04 for cleansing and the Angel-Aura-Essence „Archangel Uriel“. A few weeks later it had new buds.


ANGELS HELPED WITH ALLERGIES. A progress report by Martina Braun (FB):

I have successfully dealt with my anaphylactic shock (allergic reaction) to histamine and glutamate with the symbol „Angel for Purity and Clarity“, the Angel-Aura-Essence „Energetic Cleansing“ and „Archangel Chamuel“. When the symptoms subsided, I sprayed the Angel-Aura-Essence „Archangel Raphael“ – thank you, dear angels!

P:S: Since then I can also use the angels officially at my workplace – not only as „scent spray“ or „energy spray“. 


ANGELS AND ILLNESS. A progress report by Claudia Greimel:

My husband suffered from gastrointestinal infection with a gastric attack. He took loads of drugs, even in double dose, to get rid of the pains. In vain! So I put a few angel symbols on his stomach. Afterwards he could eat again. Next day he did not need any more medicine and could eat normally. It seems like magic because normally his gastritis takes at least a week.


ANGELS LOVE CHILDREN. A progress report by Simone Mang (FB)

"Sunday lunchtime: my nephew had cut himself. I asked him if he wanted an angel for quicker healing. As he likes angels, he agreed immediately. I put a few drops of the Angel Essence ‘Archangel Raphael‘ on the cut. He continued playing and an hour later he said to me, ‘Look, Auntie Simi, cool, my cut is already healing with the angels.‘ Yes, this is it! Thank you, angies!“


ANGEL SYMBOLS HELPED OUR HAMSTER.  A progress report by Claudia Schoinz (FB)

"I would like to tell you about my hamster. It was so seriously ill that even the vet had little hope. It was weak and thin and despite the drugs, its diarrhoea didn’t stop. I put an angel circle with the Children’s Angel Symbols around the cage and the hamster soon got better. It’s fine now, eats a lot and climbs around … This would not have been possible without Angel Symbols!"


ANGELS AT THE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL in Basel (Switzerland). A progress report by Brigitte Heynen (FB). "I was called into hospital for an emergency. I energetically supported the patient, who suffered from drug reaction, with Ingrid Auer’s essences and sprays. The nurses showed different reactions. Some didn’t even see the sprays in the ward … others recognized them."


ANIMALS LOVE ANGELS. A practical tip from Alexandra Rampitsch (FB):

"Also animals love angels … this is why I draw an angel symbol card every time I feed my cat. I place the card under his bowl. He has been using the card ‘Angel Liberation from Dependencies‘ suspiciously often …, although he is mainly straying around outdoors." 


FLOWERS LOVE ANGELS.  A practical tip from Marianne Lechner (FB)

"I have planted fowers today. Of course with the support of two wonderful helpers: the Angel Aura Essence ‘Archangel Uriel‘ for powerful growth and the Angel-Aura-Essence ‘Energetic Cleansing‘ to get rid of all negative energies. Now all they have to do is grow and feel good."


CHICKEN WITH INFECTION OF THE OVARIES. Progress report by Gabi Neuner, Leutschach/Tyrol

A friend of mine is a farmer. He has got some chicken that all lay brown eggs. Just one chicken lays white eggs. One day this chicken suffered from an infection of the ovaries. The vet said that there was no hope. As the farmer was very atteched to his chickens, he tried out all sorts of herbs. But nothing helped. Then we started to work with the symbol of ‘Archangel Chamuel‘ and the Aura-spray ‘Archangel Raphael‘. Two weeks later he rang me that his chicken laid wonderful white eggs again! The hump from the infection could still be seen, but it’s fit again and lays eggs. The farmer said he was grateful that the chicken presented him the proof which he was looking for."



One day, Marita’s husband, who did not believe in the angel energies, was struggling under pressure in his job. During this painful time, he more and more opened and got ready to accept the angels’ help. To regain strength, he sprayed the Angel Aura Essences ‘Energetic Boundary‘, ‘Energetic Cleansing‘ and ‘Archangel Michael‘ into his aura every day. With full power he tackled the problems in the company where he had a management position. After a year’s hard work he had, in fact, changed the situation.



Some children asked Susanne before a maths test if they could take a symbol home and put it under their pillow at night. They say it soothes them and makes them sleep better. One class was so fascinated, that the children wanted to save their pocket money to buy Angel Aura Essences for the lessons. They wrote a simple, but touching, note for Susanne: "Thank you, Miss, that you are here for us.”



To begin with, Brigitte only tried the Angel Essences in all various combinations on herself. She used them in her Sound Pyramids. The Amneely-Sound Pyramid, recreated to an old Atlantic healing instrument, is made of energized glass. It produces sounds, whose vibrations have a direct effect on the cellular fluid. Now Brigitte offers her clients this combination of Angel Essences and Sound Pyramid. The aura is filled, blockages are solved. Some clients can feel what is happening to them. They feel grounded or describe it as ‘having arrived in the body again‘.



Verena’s help is often required by clients with birth traumas, after difficult deliveries, after caesareans or problems with screaming babies. She successfully combines her craniosacral therapy with the Angel Aura Essence ‘Norael‘. She has also obtained good results with the Angel Combi Oils for babies. Wounds and scars heal more quickly, newborns are gently soothed and sleeping disorders can be dealt with.



At the beginning of the school year one very scared boy wanted to go home in the middle of the lesson. As he had bad marks in Primary School, he got psychotherapeutic treatment. The teacher Susanne thought he was quite intelligent. She let him pull an ‘Angel Symbol for Children‘ in the lessons for two months. During this time his behaviour gradually changed. Now he is a good student, without any problems, who feels fine in his class.



When Anna Maria’s daughter was born, ten years ago, the baby was vaccinated. Subsequently, her arm became swollen, causing her to cry for hours on end. She became unsettled and hardly able to sleep. In a word: she was completely unbalanced. She showed the same reactions after a second and third vaccination. Going for her fourth vaccination, Anna Maria had the Angel Symbol card no. 04 ‘Purity and Clarity‘ in her pocket. As the doctor, her brother, was sceptical concerning the effect of angel cards, she was relieved when she was left alone in his treatment room for some time. The injection had already been prepared, and was lying on the table in front of her. Anna Maria took the chance to slip the angel card under the suringe. Her brother was completely unaware of this when he vaccinated his niece. Lo and behold: the girl had neither a swollen arm, nor pains – she was cheerful and slept without any problems the following night. Three further vaccinations revealed the same effect. Since then her daughter has never reacted badly to vaccinations.



One day Marita’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and was treated by traditional medicine. Before the chemotherapy, Marita gave her an Angel Combi Symbol which her sister should wear on her body. The doctor also agreed that she could put the medicine on the Angel Symbol no. 4 ‘Angel for Purity and Clarity‘ before the treatment. Additionally Marita put the Angel Symbol ‘Archangel Raphael‘ under her sister’s pillow. After the chemotherapy she hardly suffered from any sickness.



Susanne uses the support of the angelic world with teaching colleagues and superiors at school. The atmosphere in the staff room and problems with the head and colleagues have been improved with angel protection circles. The Angel Aura Essences ‘Energetic Cleansing‘, ‘Archangel Chamuel‘, ‘Archangel Gabriel‘, ‘Archangel Michael‘ and ‘Angel Sonael‘ are particularly suitable. The colleagues even noticed it and discussed it, although they still don’t know anything about protection circles.



One day Brigitte was asked to come to a renovated house. She noticed that in two rooms there was a heavy energy of sadness. She found out that it had been the bedroom, and death chamber, of the former owner. The rooms were sprayed with the Angel Aura Essence ‘Energetic Cleansing‘ for several days, until the burdening energies disappeared at last.



At a trade fair in Basel Verena worked on Ingrid Auer’s stand. As somebody offered aura photos, Verena wanted to make some personal tests. She found out that the Angel Aura Essences ‘Archangel Raphael‘, ‘Archangel Chamuel‘ and ‘Archangel Michael‘ lead to a significant change in the aura. Her energy blockage was noticeably reduced. These aura photos encouraged Verena even more concerning the effects of the angelic tools.



A teaching colleague of Susanne was intending to open a learning studio for private lessons. She asked Susanne for help to support and strengthen her to achieve her aim. She recommended that her colleague work with Angel Symbols, which she did. She lay angel protection circles for her private students before they had a test. She has been extremely successful since then, and children and parents are queuing for her lessons. To increase her efficiency, she also uses the ‘Angel Symbols for Children‘.



One day Brigitte got a hint from the angelic world to make family constellations with the help of the ‘Angel Essences 1–49‘. The bottles the clients choose and the position where they put them, clearly show current problems and tensions within the family. Brigitte makes the clients change the position of the bottles until there is a feeling of harmony. Every bottle supports the person it stands for.

This completely new form of family constellation has the great advantage that the people involved are protected through the angel energies. In this way they cannot absorb any emotional, mental and karmic burdens from other people into their morphogenetic field, their aura and chakras. It strengthens the whole system within the family. According to feedback, this new approach has also strong and lasting effects.