Frequently Asked Questions

1 | Is there an energetic difference between the symbols and the corresponding essences?

Symbols and essences are generally energized with the same angel energies. Experience shows, however, that some people feel the energy of the essences more than that of the symbols.

2 | When do I use an Angel or Master Aura Essence and when do I use an Angel Essence?

Aura Essences act as a daily loving companion through life. They represent topics such as protection, joy, opening of your heart, power etc. If you want to work on a very personal, individual topic, though, Angel Essences are very helpful in this developing process. Angel Essences are also recommended by therapists, masseurs, and healing practitioners, who use the symbols during their treatments. It holds the good energies of a treatment longer and blockages can be transformed at a later stage at home.


3 | Can Angel Oils and Essences be compared with homeopathy or food supplements?

Not at all! They do not contain the vibrations of physical matter or extracts from herbs etc. Angel Oils and Angel Essences just contain subtle cosmic energies which cannot (yet) be proved by scientific-technical appliances. Both oils and essences are categorized by legislation as 'cosmetics'.


4 | How many essences can I use at the same time?

We advise working with one or two essences at most simultaneously. You could, for instance, use one essence in the morning and the other one in the evening. Additionally you can also use an Aura Essence. If you can use kinesiology-muscle tests or work with the dowser or pendulum, you can also apply the essences in different ways.


5 | Is it sensible to mix different Angel Essences before use?

Angel Essences should never be mixed, but only used in a pure form. An experienced homeopath would never prescribe a mixture of different remedies, but rather one to be applied after the other. This principle should also be followed with regard to Angel Essences. Why? Each essence is related to one single topic which is itself connected with related topics. If you want to transform one topic with the help of Angel Essences, also the side-issues are worked on. Imagine if you mixed five essences. This would mean five topics and side-issues would be effected. This is neither sensible nor recommended.


6 | Is it sensible to mix Angel Essences and flower essences?

There is the following channelled information: Just imagine you mix two sun-creams. One with the sun-protecting-factor 2 and the other one with the sun-protecting-factor 20. What is the result? Neither sun-protecting-factor 22, nor 11, but the effectiveness of sun-protecting-factor 2 is nullified. Exactly the same is true if you mix Angel Essences with other essences.

7 | What does it mean that Angel Symbols and Angel Essences are sealed?

This means that the symbols and essences (as well as the Aura Essences and Oils) do not take any external energies. This is why they do not have to be cleansed. The spiritual world re-energizes them permanently, and also increases their frequency vibration.


8 | When should I use handmade transparency symbols and when paper symbols?

The original symbols have been scanned and printed on cardboard, to provide as many people as possible with Angel and Master Symbols at a low cost. These are produced either as Angel Symbol cards or Angel Combi Symbols. They are energized just like the transparency symbols; their efficiency cannot be compared with the energies of transparency symbols, however. Transparency symbols have another advantage with their colour brilliance and three-dimensionality. You can also put them on window-panes, windscreens and on your glass of water. Transparency symbols can be cleaned with a damp cloth after use on the body. If you want to wear them, they fit perfectly on your body. For this purpose we advise you to wrap the transparency symbols in plastic foil, so that they do not cause staining through the warmth of your body.


9 | Does a glass of water, placed on a symbol, contain the same energy as the corresponding Angel Essence?

No. Water that has been energized with a symbol, does not contain the whole energy spectrum as directly energized essences. According to information from the spiritual world, the spectrum of the essences is 30 to 40 times higher than the one of water energized with symbols.

10 | Does a symbol, copied or downloaded from the internet, hold any energy at all?

Copies of symbols only work on the vibrations of colour and the symbol characters. They are not energized and sealed; neither are the pictures in brochures or on posters.


11 | Frequently you see copies on the internet which are offered for sale. What should I think of this?

Basically it always shows that the people behind it, are very unspiritual. This has nothing to do with honesty and truthfulness. Copied Angel Symbols do not contain the same energies as the originals, whatever the sellers of these fakes may claim. If someone paints the symbols for private use and is happy about it, then this is alright. The advertising and selling, however is a violation of the law of copyright.