In cooperation with Andy Eicher and Wolfgang Tejral (Lichtpunkt Records ®), Ingrid Auer has produced several CD's with her own meditations. For this purpose, a very sensitive and highly vibrating music was composed. Lyrics and music are a homogeneous whole and even allow people who have no experience with meditation, a simple and easy contact with the angel world.


Some of the meditations have been translated into English. The online versions are in preparation.


- Aura Meditation

- Chakra Meditation

- Meditation for Energetic Grounding

- Meditation for Energetic Boundary




The people behind Lichtpunkt Records ® are two artists, Wolfgang Tejral and Andy Eicher. Both have set themselves the goal to let the music in – fully integrated, because music is more than just hearing something. Since 2002 Andy Eicher and Wolfgang Tejral have been creating music, which unfolds its full potential by hearing and feeling it, and – in fact – brings people in all circumstances to themselves. The artists are able to capture moods, feelings and situations in a unique manner with their compositions and thereby dissolve negative energy, everyday-life-stress, or even difficult situations. Music by Lichtpunkt Records ® is like an energy bath for the soul.


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