Ingrid Auer's mission is a very unusual one, as it is based on numerous visions and intuition, put into practice step by step.


Lichtpunkt centre Austria

Ingrid Auer puts her vision of an Austrian Lichtpunkt centre at her office in Amstetten (130 km west of Vienna) into practice. It should not only be the centre of administration, distribution and manufacture, but there should also be room for talks, workshops, seminars and individual consultations.

Spiritual Education

Together with Beate Gliedt, an experienced teacher, Ingrid Auer founded the project ’Spiritual Education’. It is about the so-called children of the New Age, who need new conditions, and especially a new understanding for their growing up, education and development. She is convinced that traditional education and schools will increasingly fail to meet the needs of today. They are already being replaced by alternative, or holistic, views of education, but the next step that has to be taken is the vital integration of the spiritual aspect. >> (English, Spanish)


Spiritual pregnancy and birth

This project started in 2013 with our website In addition to medical and alternative/holistic maternity and birth care, the spiritual aspect will also be given an important place.

Spiritual care for the terminally-ill and grieving

In the next few years, Ingrid Auer is planning to establish a project for ’Spiritual Care for the Terminally-Ill and Grieving’. As with the topic ’Spiritual Pregnancy’ she focuses on the spiritual aspect of this important period in life. She is already looking for qualified and trained cooperation partners.