Channeling Medium

Archangels and Ascended Masters

In addition to the information concerning the symbols and essences, which Ingrid Auer describes in her books, she receives messages from Archangels and Ascended Masters for personal and spiritual development.


Also seminar participants benefit from her live-channeled messages.


You can read her "Messages from the Spiritual World" at


Mary Magdalene

Especially with the Ascended Master Mary Magdalene, Ingrid Auer feels very connected. She has even created her own homepage and blog on the topic of "Mary Magdalene" (, On this page you can read not only channeled messages, but you can also find photos from the South of France, which show different places, where Mary Magdalene and her descendants have lived and cast. Mary Magdalene and her messages are sometimes the centre of her special seminars. Since autumn 2013 Ingrid Auer also organizes SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS to different locations, information under


Picture: Sandro Botticelli