Ingrid Auer founded, and runs, the companies ‘Lichtpunkt’ and ‘Ekonja-publishing’ in Austria.



Some years ago Ingrid Auer founded the company Lichtpunkt to produce her symbols and essences, and to bring the tools of the angelic world to as many people as possible. The head office in Amstetten (Austria) accommodates the manufactory where the original symbols are lovingly hand-crafted, the administration and distribution, and also the essences and oils are bottled there. See our homepage:


For more flexibility and independence in distributing her books, Ingrid Auer founded her own publishing company a few years ago, which is named after one of her angels: Ekonja. It allows her to publish her books, symbol cards and other media quickly, and independently. Her meditation CD's are also available at Ekonja-publishing.