Ingrid Auer’s main emphasis is writing. She continually gets information and messages from the spiritual world, which she passes on in books, blogs, newsletters, and on internet platforms such as facebook.



She has been passing on her knowledge about the spiritual tools in various handbooks and practical handbooks, including her best-selling ’Energized Angel Symbols. 49 Keys to the Angelic World’. Extensions of the handbooks in form of ’booklets’ have also already been implemented. Some of her books have been published by ’Die Silberschnur’, but most of them by Ekonja-publishing. For detailed information click the button ’Books’.

Online publications

For detailed information about her blogs, homepages and facebook sites click the button ’Social Media’.

Printed publications

You can read interesting articles by Ingrid Auer on various topics, such as Spiritual Education, in the German magazine ‘News Age’ (, the magazine for body, mind and spirit.